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It is of the utmost importance to focus on developing the company’s work environment because it affects both the profitability, sustainability, safety and well-being of all the company’s employees, managers and leaders included.

We at NLC usually say that the work environment is like the wind in the company – it influences and blows through the company’s various organizations with its vision, strategy and tactics. To be clear about what we mean, we need to review and develop all parts of the company’s building blocks as well as its leaders, teams and employees. This is to get a functioning work environment work in place, in practice.

The work environment is a popular topic, but what does it take to make it work in reality? We at NLC tailor work environment development programs according to the companies’ unique needs and conditions. We want the companies to reach their desired results, with positive effects on hard as well as soft values, it creates profitability.

Remember that companies are obliged by law to carry out systematic work environment work, we can make you realize that there is great profitability to bring home and have fun on the way!

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SME companies that wish to focus on creating governance, systematics and development of work environment work to achieve better customer satisfaction and be a more attractive employer that stands out in its industry. This leads to increased profitability.


We start from the company’s unique needs and conditions with the goal of having systematic and structured work environment work with the aim of handling changes with ease as well as meeting legal requirements.

We start the collaboration with a GAP analysis where we jointly determine the direction. NLC’s efforts can be strategic work environment work, which must then be implemented over time, as well as management efforts within work environment. NLC has the competence to handle difficult situations where unwanted events have occurred, which need to be investigated by work environment experts. NLC helps if the work environment agency has caught sight of your company to return the ”standard” to the desired position.

The development can be comprehensive for the entire company as well as project orientation for optimization of the company’s various parts. Coaching and mentoring are included through short conversations if necessary. We accompany you on the entire journey if you so wish!

The purpose

Based on the company’s unique needs and conditions, create proactive work environment work that is driven in the tailwind.

  • An identified current position, desired position and development plan for movement
  • Moving from a purely reactive work environment work to proactive work environment work that generates a sustainable and efficient organization
  • Maintain a good brand through satisfied customers who are greeted by good employees
  • Systematic and structured work environment work, throughout the company, which through the trusting leadership increases the company’s profitability and results
  • Maintained prosperous resource pool and a functioning interaction between all the company’s ”players” / employees
  • A work environment work that works with organizational & social factors and meets the legal requirements of the work environment
  • All parts of the company are followed in a common thread and create drive, joy and motivation among all employees in the company. From the owner’s vision to the execution of the tactical plans that are written and agreed with the company’s employees.

People are the heart of companies, they are the ones who must take the company from vision to action – this in a safe, sustainable and well-being approach!

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers mentioned when they contacted us with an interest in the work environment for small / medium companies:

”As a leader, I have many roles that I have to shoulder, the work environment area feels like a jungle, I don’t know where to start, my organization doesn’t work, there are a lot of conflicts, I have a high turnover of staff, we are leaking money in our organization that causes us to add more resources, our leaders complain a lot about our employees, the company’s goals are not clear to the employees, we have high sickness absence, employees feel vulnerable at work, our customers do not feel well received by our staff, we may add more resources than expected, I as a leader do not know how to handle difficult situations such as men as well as women feeling sexually harassed at work, there is chaos in the workforce, we lack governance and common goals in our company, how do we work with safe execution, how do we deal with abusive behaviour, it feels loaded to bring up….We are going to start a new project and want to do it right from the beginning this time!”

Each program is tailored and adapted to the company’s needs, including its own resources. The programs are time-adjusted according to the companies’ wishes, which determine the timetable.

Each program is tailored and adapted to the company’s needs, including its own resources. The programs are timed according to the companies’ wishes, which determine the price.

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