NLC GAP assay

Corporate and culture

NLC GAP Analysis a concise program for the well-established company or you as a leader or alternatively your team or employees who want to focus on continued training and development.

A GAP analysis is a business tool that enables a company/leader/team/employee to compare its current performance with its potential performance and the integration of efforts. The goal of the GAP analysis is to identify the ”gap” between the CURRENT state and the OPTIMAL state. The analysis identifies how the situation currently looks and how we want it to look in the future. It is a formal study of what an organization is doing right now and where it wants to be in the future

NLC wants to motivate and create added value for the company’s business activities, its processes and resources. We have solid experience, competence and the opportunity to meet the development companies are facing or their wishes for the future

Target group
The established company, its leaders, teams or employees who want to train and develop further.

NLC goes through a self-evaluation together with the client, the current situation and the desired situation, in the area the customer chooses. NLC then compiles, through its expertise, the analysis and creates a documented compilation with proposed activities.

The purpose
To create inspiration, motivation for continued development, well-being, sustainability and increased growth by;

  • Preparatory work; Initial analysis
  • Physical meeting; Review of theory and analysis of current situation and desired situation
  • Finishing work; Based on the analysis, create documentation and proposals for development activity to reach the desired state

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers mentioned when they contacted us with an interest in ”NLC GAP Analysis”:
We lack structure, motivation, inspiration, we want help identifying goals, my management and leadership in need of development, I want organizational development, team development, well-being and productive employees, increase business, expand, create sustainable growth, build companies/ company, new energy in the business, find well-being…

Agreed with customer in accordance with order.

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