Processing of personal data


At Nordic Leadership Center we collect your personal information when you visit our website or read our newsletters.

Your personal information is mainly used to create content that feels valuable and relevant to you as a user. In addition, we use your personal information in order to get in touch with potential customers and to adapt our marketing.


On NLC website, we use Google Analytics, which collects visitor data and tells about visitors’ behavior on our website: for example, which pages are used most, how much time visitors spend on each page and where the visitors come from. However, all information is completely anonymous to us and we do not know which people visit our website. Google Analytics is primarily a tool we use to gain insight into general trends in user behavior on our website. There is no personal connection in this information.


All newsletter users are identified by name and surname and e-mail address. When sending out each newsletter, we collect information about who opens the newsletter and who clicks on links that may be found in the newsletter. We can also see how many times a certain person visits the newsletter.

You are entitled to your data

Remember that you have the right to access all the data we collect about you. You also have the right to ask to delete or change both your data and your personal data completely according to your own wishes. Contact us at if you need help.

GDPR Manager Therese van der Kruit

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