Individual Leadership Program, Customized (IL program)

Individuellt ledarskap

Take your self-awareness to the next level! Increase your awareness and motivation by creating insight and competence about individual leadership. An optimization program for you as a leader or employee as well as a company resource where we give you the tools and responsibility to lead yourself in a sustainable way. It will result in increased self-awareness, well-being and increased productivity. Both you, your employees and the company benefit from this ? and especially ? feel good! An essential module in our popular tailor-made leadership programs. By improving your ability to lead yourself, you increase your ability to lead others.

Target group
Leaders in companies and also employees.

We adapt a tailor-made program to the participant and start with a GAP analysis, with a focus on strengthening the person in their professional role and as a person. We meet regularly and between meetings the participant works independently to improve and strengthen their development. Here we work according to the coaching approach to release and develop the participant's full potential. Coaching and mentoring between the meetings is included through short conversations if necessary.

The purpose
To ensure that the participant is a sustainable and strong resource - both in private and in professional life by;

  • Contribute to a positive working environment, through personal responsibility for well-being
  • Become your own mental coach, own your action
  • Understanding of one's characteristics and its impact on others
  • Awareness of one's communication, what we send out we get a ?receipt? on
  • Goal awareness and own drive to achieve one's own and the company's goals
  • Values awareness and its impact on oneself and others
  • Feel better as an employee, leader and entrepreneur

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers mentioned when they contacted us with an interest in the ?IL program?:
Develop my leadership, lack of motivation, well-being and inspiration, feel good in my leadership, problems in work groups, leadership change, own responsibility, gain a better understanding of my employees, personal values linked to the company's values, develop others by developing yourself, find natural leadership through gut feeling/intuition, goal management and its importance for the company…

Personal development is a process. Each program takes about 6-12 months depending on the participant.

Offer based

The program is also available as a lecture and workshop, where the structure serves as a stepping stone to the program.

Your next step
Welcome to contact us for an unconditional meeting or conversation!

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