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The NLC defines the company's vision, strategy and tactics, and lays a solid foundation for the company's framework and culture

An organization's fixed point is its vision, strategy and tactics as well as a strong corporate culture that guides the company towards set goals.?
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NLC are specialists in teaching how to keep the company together in the changing climate of the modern business market today, where a strong vision is the basis for a safe and solid business and a strong identity.

It is extremely important to spend time developing a well-thought-out vision and strategy to achieve the desired goals. The instrument of control is, of course, the owner's directive. In the work with the vision and strategy, the framework for the company is also set, where the owner's directive and the budget are held together by the foundation of values - the company's most fundamental and timeless values. The oh-so-important and unique corporate culture is also born here.

Adhering to the core values and the defined norms and attitudes that characterize the corporate culture in theory, perhaps sounds simple? But we know, here training, repetition and reminders are required to achieve success with motivation. Together we develop vitality and commitment in the organization which contributes to development, productivity and profitability where the employees are the most important asset.

If we take care to create security, we become more united in ups and downs, more prone to change and accept the challenge of a living corporate culture. Employees who live and breathe the business!

We know that this is important knowledge and want you to take part in this as well. Whether the company/organization needs help finding the vision, strategy and tactics or perhaps looking for methods to define and communicate it more clearly.

NLC offers a wide selection of services and programs. Contact Us for an unconditional meeting!

Not. NLC works from the goal of making themselves indispensable. That is, when the assignment is completed, we have imparted knowledge and insights as well as provided tools for the continued development of the company, where the company and its employees lead themselves. The customer himself determines the pace of the work from the first day of the collaboration, to the day we hand over the baton. The company can at any time thereafter make new contact with NLC if the company needs more help or continued development/deepening in the work with company leader and organizational development.

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