Therese Johansson

Owner and senior consultant at NLC

Therese Johansson is a born leader and has a natural leadership that impresses everyone who crosses her path. She has a strong intuition and dares to trust her gut feeling when making important decisions. She is not afraid to go outside the box and think outside the box to find new solutions and strategies that lead to success.

Her strengths are strategic thinking, goal orientation and logical thinking, which she uses to develop companies with their cultures as well as the organization she works with. Her belief is that people are at the center of all development and through this she strives to create a sustainable and healthy work environment where employees can flourish and develop because then the company flourishes with its customers.

Therese is passionate about the subject of leadership and has a passion for coaching and training herself, as well as others in becoming better leaders. She has worked as a senior consultant, trainer and lecturer in various industries since 2012 and has helped many companies develop their leadership and corporate culture.

Before starting to work as a consultant, Therese had a successful career in the IT sector and was active in international and complex organizational development projects, for over 10 years. This experience has given her a broad and deep understanding of business operations and leadership.

For Therese, every new day at work is a fantastic opportunity to create more healthy and sustainable companies read CSR, Finance, Environment and Social Responsibility - develop people through increased understanding with leadership at the center. Her commitment and belief in natural leadership makes her a unique leader and an inspiration for others to follow.

Contact details
+46 73-394 13 74