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Consultant in graphic design

Let me introduce Signe, the creative, colorful and analytical force that will take your business to the next level through her specialty - brand branding. Her passion for graphic design knows no bounds, whether it's creating stunning websites, eye-catching branding or beautiful marketing materials, she will bring your brand to life.

Signe is a natural problem solver who always observes and comes up with relevant solutions that drive your business forward. With her exceptional ability to listen, she understands your needs and delivers innovative and structured solutions that exceed your expectations. No challenge is too big for Signe, and she always thinks outside the box, both in her personal and professional life.

When Signe joined the NLC team, she brought a new energy of transformation to everything in her area of expertise, from the graphic profile to illustrations and documentation. Her motto is to ensure that everything is in line with NLC's brand and expression, creating a coherent and recognizable image. She loves helping companies build brands from the ground up, including designing logos, creating graphic profiles and developing stunning websites. Creating nice and uniform documentation material with the right layout and font is something that is appreciated by NLC and its customers.

Signe's favorite thing to create is illustrations and physical prints that people can hold in their hands. Let Signe unleash her creativity and expertise, and watch your business rise to new heights.

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