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We in sales at Swepress have the privilege of developing our Individual Leadership to achieve a better result, motivation, sustainability and goal focus. This is a program that I can highly recommend. Therese has an amazing way of successfully pushing me forward in my career. Since day 1, I have had full confidence in Therése and her skills, which has made it very easy to collaborate together, even through my tough development periods.

The program has given me a greater degree of understanding mine motivational factors, strengths, challenges as well as for other people, e.g. customers, colleagues and employees. What makes people act in a certain way, how do I deal with different personalities in the best way to achieve the best results for everyone involved. This is invaluable knowledge in the role I had at Swepress.

As a leader, it is important that you live as a good one example which motivates others to follow suit and behave in accordance with company guidelines. I can proudly say that I am a good example, many thanks to Therése.

recommend everyone to participate in this program, regardless of position and duties. Because we all treat people...

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