SKANSKA Väg och Anläggning Mellan Sverige


SKANSKA Väg och Anlagning MellanSverige carried out a major investment in the region with the aim of increasing awareness of employees' communication and motivational style using the Extended DISC analysis tool and in collaboration with NLC and Therése. We were some leaders who got to develop further through the NLC Individual Leadership Program.

The IL program consists of various modules with a focus on me and how I can develop further as a person and leader. Therese has managed to create trust in me and really managed to make me realize for myself what I can develop further. We have had meetings at regular intervals where we went through the various modules and I was given practical tasks to practice on between the meetings.

I feel that I have become more aware of how I myself function and in this way I feel that I am now better at handling challenges in a calmer way. I have gained greater self-awareness and now dare to trust my gut to a greater extent. I have also gained a greater understanding of how everything that I choose to do or spend time on is connected, plus how it affects my balance and well-being. Today, I am good at controlling my own thoughts and moving when I happen to fall into a negative thought spiral to ensure that I am a balanced leader.

I recommend NLC's Individual Leadership Program for you to develop, not only as a leader but also as a person. It not only "boosts" your career, but also ensures that you get more harmony in your private life. As a consultant, Therese is incredibly good at providing security, which is very important for you as a person to be able to open up and find the potential for improvement. Therese is good at reading when you need a little hardness to get ahead in development, and when you need "softer" support.

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