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SKANSKA V&A MellanSverige's women's network wanted to produce tailor-made material about communication and diversity. We chose NLC and Therese as we have very good experience from working with her in Extended DISC, individual leadership programs etc. In addition, she has worked with our organization for several years and was able to set up a program completely based on our structure, our needs, our values and our goals.

Our order was a material that would revolve around communication, for a women's network. We wanted both a personal insight into what Therese's career journey has looked like and then a transition to tools that we can use in our everyday lives.

We had several working meetings with Therese where we talked about content, structure, purpose and goals. Together we got a clearer and clearer picture of what it was we really wanted.

The result was outstanding! The group worked as a unit with common goals and to find their own purpose. The program was intense but rewarding and provided good training in being efficient and goal-focused. Everyone had a chance to speak and share their thoughts.

Said by the participants after the workshop:

  • “Thought through and thought through again. Developing! Much has been rehearsed about courage and training. That is what is needed!”
  • "It feels good to feel needed and that we fulfill a greater purpose with our network"
  • "Very interesting theme and good discussions about communication, values and manager-employee relationships. Therese is very competent and it is very interesting and instructive to listen to her experiences"

We are satisfied that Therése maintained a good structure and guided the group through positive influence, towards our goal. She pepped up, encouraged, uplifted and helped us capture and organize our thoughts. She knows our organization, knows what we need, how we work and was able to work with us as part of Skanska.

We highly recommend this type of tailor-made workshop together with Therése in the spirit of the Nordic Leadership Centre.

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