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I came into contact with the Nordic Leadership Center through my employer, who was hooked on NLC's tailor-made program. NLC's tailored development program was chosen so that my team would have the best possible conditions to deliver good results in our mission: to work as a change leader for the company's safety culture, based on values and behaviors.

NLC and Therese delivered the program in close collaboration with great sensitivity to our needs as individuals and as a group. This is to be able to adapt the system to our needs and objectives. The training was carried out both in groups as well as on an individual level. It took us from a team of strong individuals, to a tightly knit strong team with a common goal and way of working.

For me as an individual, the NLC programs have meant that I have become more confident in myself and in my leadership, where I have the courage to go in the direction I am convinced is right. That is, I trust my intuition and gut feeling.

Therese and NLC's delivery has a high degree of professionalism and trust. This, together with a delivery completely connected to our needs, means that I warmly recommend NLC's tailor-made program with Therése as a partner.

NLC Program:

  • Individual Leadership Program
  • Team development
  • Tailor-made leadership program in groups
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