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The collaboration with NLC and Therése began with an Extended DISC profile and lecture/WS, which was run throughout our region. In connection with the lecture/WS, I gained a lot of trust in Therése, which made it easy to choose to run the IL program when the opportunity arose.

My experience of the implementation of the IL program was good and the program was adapted to me, as a person and the challenges I had. Therese makes the program flexible to the changes that always happen in professional life as well as in private life.

The collaboration with Therese and NLC was very good. Therese soon knew me better than I did myself. She was always analytical, professional and clear, with feedback and expectations for development and results. We have continued our collaboration by being further trained in operations and team leadership, the years we had together.

The results generated by the leadership programs are of great importance to me as a person. I have developed as a leader and hopefully that has had an impact on people around me as well. Our working group has grown and together we have turned the numbers from red to black. We believe in and look forward to a bright future. It is definitely of value for my employer to invest in the NLC programs, with Therese as a consultant, because my work motivation has increased and it is contagious.

Through the above summary, I give my warmest recommendations to NLC and Therese.

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