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Nils-Erik Lisjö

It all started with everyone, in our district, having to complete the Extended DISC. This is with the aim of improving communication, teamwork, increasing understanding and acceptance of differences, and as a person understanding their different characteristics divided by color. It was both fun and surprising for me, but when I analyzed it, it made perfect sense and gave me answers to why I/we behave in certain ways, in different situations.

I then had the opportunity to attend the IL program, together with Therése, to work on myself and increase my understanding of what makes me feel good. When I feel good, I become a much better leader, which is visible both in the financial results as well as in my happy employees.

The IL program was overwhelming, with many aha experiences and sometimes tough ? but it led to something good. I recommend everyone who wants and gets the chance to go the IL program ? DO IT!

Working with Therese is inspiring, fun and very useful. She has such insight and foresight. She is always one step ahead of herself and leads one in the right direction. By being responsive listenshe knows the answers to my compass, before I have caught it myself. ?

My clarity and my CONFIDENCE have increased significantly. This means that it is easier to lead straight and purposefully, without for that matter losing my or SKANSKA's healthy values, which can be seen in the group's results.

I recommend Therese and the IL program. It has made me understand myself which leads to me having insight into how I should lead myself. I have gained knowledge about what I want as well as what I need to develop in my person with the motto - if I feel good, the people around me also feel good. It is important when you lead people, for Skanska it means better results, so it is money well invested, for my employer.

Therese is amazing.


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I wanted to give myself and my management team some help on the way in the noble art? leadership. Through referral I came into contact with NLC and Therese. My point of view is that there is always a need for continuous training and development for individuals and groups in companies

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Regional Director Atracco Group ABPeter Fransson

I recommend Therese and NLC because it is valuable that someone else gets to see how the business and the person behind the company works. The tools and a pair of objective eyes can be helpful to get out of the squirrel's wheel and start thinking ?outside the box? again, something that you have to do as your own business owner.

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Jegermalms, Mark & Gräv ABHenrik Jegermalm

The IL program was an experience! It's incredible that after talking to Therése for a little while, she was able to make a profile of me so quickly that matched who I really am. It felt like Therese had known me all my life.

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Individual Leadership Program AtraccoCarina Neuman

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