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My journey together with NLC began through a team exercise / Extended DISC at Torpa Gård, in 2015, for VoA Region Middle Sweden's management group. After two intense days, together with Therese and her straightforward and tough way of raising awareness, creating interest, giving tips and carrying out exercises with the aim of getting both individuals and the whole group moving, I felt:

I want her as a coach, because she will say what she sees in me, she will dare to be uncomfortable and she will help me to continue developing and moving - and that's how it happened:).

Through our collaboration, during my time as District Manager at Skanska, I have trained my Individual Leadership (NLC IL program). Through this NLC IL program, everything from managers to employees who have found themselves in need of development, have received help to help and strengthen themselves, for better balance, increased sustainability and increased results both at work and in life in general. Everyone who has dared to jump on this offer, has made great personal movements and I have received very positive feedback on this venture. Not to mention my own personal development, which has made me a better manager-leader, better father and husband, something I am incredibly proud and grateful for.

In addition to the NLC IL programs, I also had a great desire to develop the district's management team, increase individual responsibility in the group and to streamline our management team work - it was time to take help from Therese again.

During the spring of 2018, Therese trained me to develop a clear foundation for the district's continued management team development. The kick-off was a two-day exercise with the management team and Therese was my sidekick/moderator. We talked about vision, the district's mission, rules of the game, the importance of doing what we say, taking responsibility for the whole district, etc. We laughed, we cried, we stormed, we dared, with openness, to talk to each other in a way we hadn't done before - last but not least - we became much stronger together!

The district's management group work is today a natural part of our meetings, to tune and take responsibility for the group's and the district's continuous development. In the spring of 2019, we made a new starting point by creating two more development days with the aim of including the entire operational chain with the management team's work regarding: "From Vision to Strategy to Tactics".

The result of the management team's work was launched at the summer closing, in front of the whole district, I am very proud and satisfied with my committed and responsible team.

I took up the position as District Manager in October 2013 and have continuously evaluated my and the management team's work and focused on improving and streamlining. With "conclusion in hand", I should have taken help from Therese and NLC a long time ago. Oh, how much effort, frustration and time I could have saved :).

A BIG THANK YOU to you, Therese and NLC, for all the commitment, fantastic coaching, sharp tips and all the experience and wisdom you have shared. This is to make me and my team better, smarter and more successful!

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