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Therese conducted a DISC workshop with all PRCs in Region V&A Central Sweden and then I chose to start the NLC Individual Leadership Program. Our collaboration started in 2017 and now we have expanded our collaboration as three of my subordinate production managers are now undergoing the NLC IL program.

The program consists of us meeting continuously and in between I have tasks to work on to achieve results in practice. The result we have achieved, through the program, is that I feel more calm and balanced, today I listen more to my gut feeling and trust it and I have put the "right mental distance" on work with its challenges. As I feel more secure in myself and have increased my self-confidence, I have trained myself to be a better leader for my employees today. I have a much better balance between work and leisure which results in a better performance when I am at work.

Why choose to cooperate with Therese and NLC? Well, because with seemingly simple means she made me feel better as a private person as well as in my leadership, according to the above description.

If we are to talk about hard figures, NLC and Therése's leadership development have been part of creating results in my group. From 2017 to 2019, we have increased in turnover from 61.5 to 102 million and on the last line we have increased from 7.9% to 9.4%!

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