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I contacted NLC, Therése, as I had received great recommendations from areas where NLC delivered good results in the area of behavior and leadership. My goal was to tailor a leadership development program for my newly recruited team, and that in my leadership I sought support in group and mission-appropriate skill enhancement in the area of individual, group and leadership development.

The team's mission was to lead, support and coach the entire operation to live and act according to the company's values and promote a culture that leads to injury-free and healthy workplaces.

My desired position was that I as a leader would develop to give my team the best conditions for success and that my team developed to lead the business with unity, commitment, courage and poise in achieving the next degree of maturity within the company's ongoing cultural journey.

NLC developed a tailor-made development program of six modules, where I as a leader had to continuously modify so that it suited what the business demanded. The team received an increase in skills, combined with practice and coaching. We were allowed to develop together as a team and everything proceeded at an adapted pace where the content was tailored on an ongoing basis, with respect for our own pace of development and the company's needs. We all received our own individual leadership program where we had to start from ourselves as people and develop on a personal level. The result was a team that developed together and individually and the development followed the company's needs linked to what was expected of us regarding delivery.

I highly recommend NLC as they work together with you/customer as a partner, tailor their work to your/customer's needs and adapt delivery in a respectful, flexible and modern way. Outdated consulting companies usually come with ready-made templates that are not adapted to the company culture. It costs a lot of resources in the form of time, money and energy, without achieving the desired result. With NLC, I have always felt confident that, by being open with development needs and goals, I can find customized solutions in collaboration. I have felt the commitment and inspiration that is contagious. I've had a lot of fun in the meantime :-).

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