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I chose to collaborate with the NLC, Therése, as I received it as an offer when I was having a hard time at work. I had been in contact with Therese earlier in connection with a review of "Extended DISC" and thought that the arrangement with an individual leadership program and further collaboration with her felt good.

Going through the individual leadership program with Therese has been a privilege! The program was guaranteed to be tough, uncomfortable, challenging, fun and educational. I have found myself back and managed to create a balance in life and today I am more complete, both as a professional and as a private person.

Therese is professional and balances in an incredibly good way between pushing, challenging, encouraging and supporting. I have brought with me "tools" that I can pick up when I need to, but also to use by further inspiring my surroundings at work as well as at home. The individual leadership program does not stop with my own personal development, it has also given me the conditions to be able to lead others to develop to their full potential.

With humility and based on my employees' own responsibility, I use, in my leadership, the coaching approach, which means that each individual owns his own challenges and solutions. It creates self-confidence and self-esteem in the employee, to do through courage and on one's own initiative. This, in turn, also increases the intrinsic value and with that develops a strong sustainable organization. My warmest recommendations go to NLC as a partner in positive development!

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