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The initiative to start the IL program came from my immediate manager, which initiated a collaboration between me and Therese. We had previously met for a brief DISC analysis, and Therese had access to my DISC profile, which served as the foundation for each meeting throughout the program.

I needed to develop myself in order to be able to develop others. My desire was to improve my way of thinking and seeing things. I wanted to be able to reflect on different situations and analyze why they happened in that particular way. The goal I wished for Therese was that I wanted to "play in the Allsvenskan" with my leadership skills.

Therese mixed sessions with physical and digital meetings. As a participant in the program, you always had to be on your toes at each meeting. To get the most out of the sessions, you had to be present with all senses, and I think Therese did a fantastic job with this. She could read me based on my tone, body language, or if I was "sluggish in thought". Since my order was at a high level, she often challenged me. This wasn't fun every time, it was energy-consuming, scary if I'm honest, but above all, very developmental! The result of the entire program has made me aware of how I function, where awareness is a keyword in this context. I can reflect and analyze why "bells ring" within me. This has made me a more confident person, and it is this confidence that I want to bring with me when I lead others and myself in the future

I am satisfied with the program since my order was at a high level and Therese exceeded my expectations by far. It was sweaty, tough, and very demanding, but definitely worth the investment.

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