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Anel Murguz, Planning Specialist SKANSKA V&A Region Central Sweden

Initiativet att komma igång med IL programmet, kom från min närmsta chef, på så sätt inleddes ett samarbete mellan mig och Therese. Vi hade träffats i en kortfattad DISC genomgång tidigare, Therese tillgång till min DISC profil som den var grunden till varje träff genom programmet.

I needed to develop myself in order to develop others. My wish was to develop my way of thinking and looking at things. I wanted to be able to reflect on different situations and analyze why it happened that way. The goal I wanted for Therese was that I wanted to ?play in the Allsvenskan? with my leadership.

Therese mixed sessions with physical and digital meetings. As a participant in the program, you always had to be on your toes at every meeting. In order to make the meetings effective, you had to be present with all your senses, and here I think Therese did a fantastic job. She could read me by my tone, body language or if I was ?lethargic in thought?. Because my order was at a high level, she often challenged me. This was not fun every time, it was energy demanding, scary if I'm honest, but above all it was very educational! The result of the entire program has made me aware of how I function, where awareness is a key word in the context. I can reflect and analyze why it ?rings bells? inside of me. This has made me a more secure person and it is this security that I want to take with me when I have to lead others and myself in the future.

I am satisfied with the program as my order was at a high level and Therese met my requirements with flying colours. It was sweaty, hard and very demanding but definitely worth the investment.


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I wanted to give myself and my management team some help on the way in the noble art? leadership. Through referral I came into contact with NLC and Therese. My point of view is that there is always a need for continuous training and development for individuals and groups in companies

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Regional Director Atracco Group ABPeter Fransson

I recommend Therese and NLC because it is valuable that someone else gets to see how the business and the person behind the company works. The tools and a pair of objective eyes can be helpful to get out of the squirrel's wheel and start thinking ?outside the box? again, something that you have to do as your own business owner.

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Jegermalms, Mark & Gräv ABHenrik Jegermalm

The IL program was an experience! It's incredible that after talking to Therése for a little while, she was able to make a profile of me so quickly that matched who I really am. It felt like Therese had known me all my life.

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Individual Leadership Program AtraccoCarina Neuman

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