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My employer hired NLC for me, I had a desire to understand myself better and to be able to understand others and thus develop my leadership.

The IL-Program started when I had to carry out an Extended DISC analysis, then there were personal meetings that have given me so much positive. The results of the program are only positive. we have had personal meetings, very good conversations that sometimes felt like pure slaps, the purpose was to get me into Right train of thought, when you easily fall back into old ingrained thought patterns...

The IL program has lifted me enormously. As a leader, I get more out of the day when I have gained an increased understanding of how other people are made. Last but not least, the private side of me has also received a boost in the positive direction.

I recommend NLC's program because you will grow as a person, you will make money. Therese has been fantastic at reading me, as well as how she shares all her experience and knowledge.

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