Riverty initiated the collaboration with Tina already in 2020, but then under the company name Arvato. She worked independently as a work environment consultant. The contact was made via LinkedIn, and the need at that time was to map out the company's existing SAM materials and develop an action plan for future steps forward.

When we had a new need at the end of 2022, our obvious choice was to hire Tina again, who now works as a work environment consultant at Nordic Leadership Centre. The reason this time was an upcoming inspection from the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the associated follow-up work.

We perceive Tina's work as professional, thorough, and systematic, and through it, we have now established good foundational documents for our continued work. We have also restarted our work environment committee and have a plan for how we will work systematically in the short and long term going forward.

I recommend NLC and Tina because Tina is dedicated to her task and knowledgeable in her field, both theoretically and through her extensive practical experience. We have greatly benefited from Tina structuring our material, ensuring that there is a common thread and that it complies with legal requirements as well as recommendations from the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Tina was a great support in connection with the inspection from the Swedish Work Environment Authority and how we should work to respond to the inspection notice and prepare for the follow-up visit.

I hope that Tina will continue to be an important consulting partner in the company's work environment efforts even after I have left my position in the company during the spring of 2023.

// Riverty – People & Culture Lead – Lena Leffler

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