Regional Director Atracco Group AB


"I wanted to give myself and my management team some help on the noble art of leadership. Through a reference, I got in touch with NLC and Therése. My point of view is that there is always a need for continuous education and development for individuals and groups in companies. External support, which respects the culture and values, can provide opportunities for expanded perspectives that are useful for the organization and the companies."

We started our collaboration by outlining my goal and then NLC put together a proposal for a development package including a schedule. As a customer, I was given time to reflect on NLC's proposal, which I liked! My experience is that NLC is very interested and attentive to the wishes and needs that I, as a customer, presented.

The program started with theory about the Extended DISC tool, followed by individual feedback sessions for each participant in the management team. The purpose was to develop our management team by utilizing our different strengths as a group, in order to lead the company and our business to even greater success together.

Then the individual leadership development for each member of the management team began through personal meetings with Therése.

I have never, during my 25 years as a leader, experienced a stronger tool and the influence it has when one truly wants to make a change in oneself as well as in one's surroundings.
I feel that as a leadership group, we now have completely different demands on ourselves and on the environment in the company. With these new insights, we do not settle for anything less than making every issue much better than before the NLC training. The individual 121 conversations with Therése were intense and the effect would probably not have happened in a larger group. Regardless of whether NLC continues to be involved or not, we will continue to work with the NLC program on an individual basis as well as at the leadership group level.

"To lead others, you need self-awareness and the competence to lead yourself, otherwise it will not be good or as good as it could be if you use this method! I recommend NLC if you really want to create development and change, this is a "real education" that provides more than just some new cool leadership words, and if you are genuinely interested, I highly recommend NLC and their development program."

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