I felt that I needed to develop in order to gain better skills to handle large as well as small situations, both in professional and private life.

I turned to the Nordic Leadership Center as the positive reputation had given me good words of praise. My obvious choice was to hire Therese and the Nordic Leadership Centre's Individual Leadership Program to achieve my goal.

Through the program, I have realized that I went from marginal awareness and self-awareness to realizing and understanding how much I myself am responsible for and influence my well-being, motivation and joy in life. After going through the various stages of the IL program, I today own my thought, feeling and action as well as my attitude and my behaviours, but can also allow myself to be human. Development also takes place between meetings as I get to practice being my own leader under the guidance of Therése, who is always close at hand for support. The program has given me and the company I work for fantastic benefits and opportunities. Like the ability to understand and facilitate myself as well as the individuals around me.

I recommend the IL program and Therese with ease. Therese's fantastic commitment and professionalism as well as her competence have given me the tools that have allowed me to grow in all my different roles in life: mother, friend, colleague, co-worker and wife. What I feel most is the humility to find my self-worth and understand the importance of standing up for myself - to first fulfill my needs so that I then have the energy and strength to be able to give everything to those around me.

Therese is genuine and means a lot to me. I wish everyone has the opportunity to attend this program and share my experiences.

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