Optiker Almå AB


Optiker Almå is a prosperous company, but we felt that we were running into old habits and that we needed new perspectives. We wanted to develop our leadership, employees and also the structure of the business.

Regarding the structuring of our operations, we have developed ownership directives, budgets, sales and marketing plans, and made continuous follow-ups on the entire operation in the management team.

A very good investment is the tool Extended DISC which has given a lot both in dealing with customers as well as a higher degree of understanding for himself and through this also for his colleagues, it has been a red thread in the company's development. Extended DISC is also a very good tool for understanding how to lead different personality types in a motivating way.

Today we have a happy team working for the company, Optiker Almå. All employees feel a greater responsibility and participation in ensuring the sustainability of the entire company.

Therese has a good ability to get people involved, it is noticeable that she is a riding girl because the "tweaks" can be felt in ensuring the movement of our comfort zones. At the same time, Therese is very caring and she leads us towards our goals in a humble and inspiring way.

We warmly recommend the program "Subscribe to the Nordic Leadership Centre", both for the prosperous company that needs innovative thinking as well as for companies that need an extra effort to achieve sustainability.

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