I chose to work together with NLC, Therése, as I was strongly recommended by my manager and colleague to attend the Individual Leadership Program. I wanted to develop in my position as a salesperson and sales coach with the goal of improving the sales results for me and my colleagues.

The program exceeded my expectations as it was truly individually tailored and the development was based on me as a person and my personality. My to say the least tough but rewarding meetings with Therese were interspersed with "homework" I would do between our meetings. That arrangement suited me very well and produced clear results both for me and the business I coached. I have learned about different personality types, which has given me great insight and understanding about how others work and how to deal with these personalities. I have gained a much better understanding of myself and my motivation factors and learned to handle challenges in a completely different way both at work and privately.

The structure of the program was incredibly professional, clear, goal-oriented and at the same time warm and understanding, and Therese combines these qualities in a safe way. One of Therese's great qualities is that she "sees right through you" and that she uses that to help you develop as a person and leader.

I would say that this program is good for all people as we all need to evolve to become the best version of ourselves. I would especially recommend the program to those who work with people and especially to those with personnel responsibilities.

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