Mixum AB


We chose to collaborate with Therése and NLC as Therése has extensive international experience and interesting thinking about management team development. NLC tailors the programs and as we wanted training for our management team to further develop ourselves from a reporting management team work to a strategic management team, a tailored MIXUM arrangement was what interested us.

We started the collaboration where Therese interviewed me about our current situation and my desired situation as well as what challenges we were facing, then she produced a proposal that I thought looked good. During the implementation of the workshop, our management team was divided into groups, where the implementation was based on the material prepared by Therese. It was a rewarding afternoon where we mixed theory and practice, which led to great progress, it became the basis for our new way of thinking, how we run our management team today.

Today we have a completely different management group work than a year ago and for us it was really Therése's workshop that contributed to the difference that we started to work strategically and together as a group.

I recommend this program and Therése / NLC for those management teams who want to see results in practice.

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