I wanted to complete the Individual Leadership Program through the Nordic Leadership Center with the goal of developing self-insight, self-awareness and in this way develop my leadership.

Through this program, I have received new tools, guidance and coaching that have led to a greater insight into myself. It has also given me great insight and understanding into how others in my environment function and how I can respond to each individual in a more developing way. The program has developed my close leadership with the employees, I feel more present in situations. It has given me an understanding of the importance of tackling complex situations before they become too challenging and have too great an impact on the business. The program has brought me humility and with pride I have developed a higher degree of humanity and understanding of the importance of taking responsibility and contributing to a better environment. I am more driven to increase my own and my employees' full potential and thus further develop our teamwork.

Therese has impressed me with her enormously broad and deep knowledge and the amazing woman she is! I send my warmest recommendations!