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Camilla Samuelsson

When I got the role of sales manager for Linköpings-Posten/Swepress Media AB in 2013, I looked for a suitable leadership training, my obvious choice – the Nordic Leadership Centre's tailored leadership program. What was decisive was the arrangement, that you work with leadership in theory as well as in practice.

During the course of the program, I have been able to clearly demonstrate that these tools have been crucial for me in individual leadership as well as in building teams and as a business manager. A big plus is that Therése coaches in real events - when they really happen! I have learned the importance of leading myself to be well, especially under pressure. The importance of having balance to achieve results!

Today, we have greatly expanded our team, built successful and prosperous resources. We have the tools to perform in an organization that is constantly changing. Today, we are a winning sales team that has increased our turnover by almost 30% since the start of the leadership program.

I want to give my very best recommendations to anyone who wants to increase their turnover, streamline their entire organization and its resources in a positive way to hire the Nordic Leadership Centre? ?all in one program? that makes a difference.

Thanks to the positive development and increased turnover, we at Linköpings-Posten/Swepress Media have chosen to continue to both extend and expand the collaboration with the Nordic Leadership Centre!

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I wanted to give myself and my management team some help on the way in the noble art? leadership. Through referral I came into contact with NLC and Therese. My point of view is that there is always a need for continuous training and development for individuals and groups in companies

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I recommend Therese and NLC because it is valuable that someone else gets to see how the business and the person behind the company works. The tools and a pair of objective eyes can be helpful to get out of the squirrel's wheel and start thinking ?outside the box? again, something that you have to do as your own business owner.

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The IL program was an experience! It's incredible that after talking to Therése for a little while, she was able to make a profile of me so quickly that matched who I really am. It felt like Therese had known me all my life.

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Individual Leadership Program AtraccoCarina Neuman

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