Linköping Posten


Linköpings Posten hired NLC and Therése to train me in my individual leadership. This is to give me a better condition to continue developing in my role and to see and support others in their roles.

My boss thought this was a perfect tool for development, for me, as she herself had developed through NLC's bespoke leadership programme.

The training gave me a lot of insight into myself and why I react in different ways in different situations. This resulted in me being able to see myself with more distance but at the same time continue to develop all sides of me. This has affected me in a positive way in both my working and private life, it has helped me to achieve my goals, among other things. By seeing myself from different angles, I have increased my understanding of the customer and which needs are important to the customer. Which customers need more numbers to make a decision, which want more humor in the meeting to be able to relax, etc. This builds up a shorter path and a more trusting decision-making process in the sales meeting, that you understand your customer and their personality more easily.

I can warmly recommend Therese as she is very straightforward and honest. This caused me to get questions that I am not used to reflecting on. Thus, I was constantly challenged in my values, my way of thinking and reacting in different situations. I simply got a more stable foundation to stand on.

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