Our contact with Tina was initiated through another one of Lantmännen's consultants, who was also employed at NLC. This person recommended Tina for our specific need.

Tina's assignment started with a few specific tasks that we needed help with. Over time, the assignment grew as we got to know each other and understood the competence that Tina possesses. Together, we have agreed on what Tina's assignment consists of, and sometimes there are "add-ons" with similar tasks.

Tina performs her assignment with high competence and delivers fantastically! She is very pleasant to work with, loyal, and service-minded. Over time, Tina has taken responsibility for several areas, and I have been able to release several tasks, such as quarterly reports and analysis of these, building our intranet, etc., without any worries. We hope to continue the cooperation for a good while!

We are satisfied with the delivery as Tina is very competent and has the ability to work independently. She has an easy time understanding what needs to be done, and she does not hesitate to ask if there is anything she is unsure about or needs support with. She is also a very pleasant and appreciated colleague and contributes positively to our team.

Why do we recommend NLC and Tina? We don't want to recommend Tina because we want to keep her for ourselves... :-))

Director Group Industrial Relations, total Reward and Health & Safety – Eva Fröberg

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