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I heard about NLC and Therese through business acquaintances and became interested because I wanted to develop as a person to become a stronger version as a business leader.

We agreed to start this journey with NLC's Individual Leadership Program, the start-up took place in the fall of 2016 and we have had a good and close collaboration until now I feel that I stand firmly on my own two feet in my individual leadership.

We have worked with exercises that taught me to train to discipline my brain and follow my gut. Increase well-being and keep me balanced by ensuring sleep, what I eat and how important it is that I continuously train with my PT as it makes me strong. In order to be strong from the inside out, I need to focus daily on practicing this and letting my brain rest by being in the present, and there we have worked on breathing. In order to become confident in following my gut feeling, we have trained my self-worth and not let the performance take over, but stand firmly in myself.

By increasing my belief in myself, I have become more effective and today am confident in setting boundaries in a comfortable way and I am proud to have a higher degree of integrity. I am a happier business woman who contributes to my employees believing more in themselves and performing by becoming more confident in themselves. By handling stress in a more positive way, I contribute to a calmer atmosphere at my work, which creates harmony for the environment and then the climate at work becomes more positive.

I recommend Therese with a warm heart as my quality of life both at and outside of work has increased somewhat enormously. Therese has a large bank of skills and has the will to make her clients reach their better selves. She highlights my strengths, which means that I take hold of my areas of development with will and power. By going through the individual leadership program, we as company leaders contribute to the development of the employees, I grow as a person and I infect my surroundings both privately and at work.

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