Jegermalms, Mark & Gräv AB


I got in touch with NLC and Therése after a colleague in the industry had been working with her for a while and it seemed interesting. Before that, I had familiarized myself with Extended DISC, but I also became interested after my partner worked with Therése, a few years ago, through her job.

The contact was initiated by Therése capturing my, as the CEO, and Jegermalms Mark & Gräv AB's current situation in order to align with the goal. The first step in the program was to learn about my traits and behavior, as well as my communication style, with the help of the Extended DISC tool. Then, we worked on mental training and the basic needs to be a balanced person.

The program was conducted through digital meetings and it primarily focused on my individual leadership. I have become a better leader, mostly because I now take a step back to oversee situations, and then choose the best option for myself and my company. Therese, as the course leader, is flexible and works at a high pace, which I think is important.  

I recommend Therése and NLC because it's valuable to have someone else look at how the business and the person behind the company function. The tools and a couple of objective eyes can be helpful in getting out of the rat race and starting to think "outside the box" again, something that you have to do as a business owner..

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