Individual Leadership Program Atracco


The IL program was an experience! It's amazing that after talking to Therése for a short time, she could quickly create a profile of me that accurately matched who I really am. It felt like Therése had known me my whole life.

Therése is so skilled at bringing out your true self, getting you to open up, and pushing and supporting you in all situations. I received many great tools along the way, such as books, video clips, and of course all the great 121 conversations.

What I have gained is a great deal of insight into what I need to work on about myself. For example, I needed to work on thinking more about myself, such as inner healing, leaving the "old" behind, and prioritizing taking care of myself. This involved doing my beloved gym workouts where I both give and receive joy, being out in nature and just absorbing lots of negative ions that give positive energy and are beneficial for health. I also gained an understanding of the importance of taking a break and doing "mindfulness" - in my own way.

I have become more confident in myself, and when I am secure in myself, I can spread the joy I have within me. I am now more in my own "bubble" and don't let negative influences in as easily.

Even though I sometimes slip back a step, I think of Therése and take a brief moment to breathe in and go inside myself. This allows me to handle the current situation in a better way.

Although I had not taken any leadership training before the NLC IL program, I highly recommend this program and Therese. She really brings out the best in you, helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level, and come out of the program as a more balanced and thoughtful person. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of our management team development journey, now we will continue to work on bonding our team with these new tools and insights.

"I am good just the way I am."

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