Ekonomibyrån Axet


We hired NLC because we are a group of accounting firms that gather every year for an educational conference. A total of 85 accounting consultants. Our request to Therese and NLC was that she would "wake up" us as advisors. This is to show how important it is that companies organize their operations to be as profitable as possible.

The collaboration began with us discussing a customer company where the organization was not keeping up with the company's growth, whereby profitability fell instead of getting better. After that we agreed that NLC's lecture "Leadership for Economic Profit" would be conducted at our conference.

The lecture was held for 3 hours during one morning. We received training material that was structured and easy to understand, about how to manage a company in its various phases. Therese as a lecturer made us participate and be active. Guaranteed no one fell asleep thinking we had a nice evening before the lecture.

We highly recommend NLC and this lecture. We received a lot of praise from the course participants for the choice of lecture topic and because the lecturer, Therése, was good at conveying the message.

Ekonomibyron axet i norrköping loga