Brännpunkt och Hair Crew


We needed a fresh start in our business after running our two salons for 12 years. We had heard about the Nordic Leadership Centre, the business developer who made things happen in practice, on a recommendation.

Our goal was to get a handle on the whole and feel greater security as company leaders as well as leaders of our staff. We want a happy workforce that, with team spirit, works uniformly towards set company goals, this with participation, joy and great community.

After completing the "Subscribe to the Nordic Leadership Centre" program for a year, we can proudly convey that we set ownership directives, got a firm grip on the economy in detail, developed our leadership within individuals, teams and operations, with the motto of having an active workforce. The team has worked together on sales and marketing plans that take us to the set budget. The results speak for themselves after the financial statements, 119% in increased profit for the company.

We recommend "Subscribe to the Nordic Leadership Centre" because it has given us development both as individuals and company leaders. We have increased job satisfaction and have learned the positive effects that occur when we all focus on the team instead of the self (ego). Therese is fantastic as a consultant and person, she lifts us up and every meeting is always just as exciting and challenging.

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