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Therése Johansson
Owner and senior consultant at NLC

Therese Johansson is a natural leader and has developed natural leadership. Put simply, it means that you have the courage to trust and follow your gut feeling and not blindly act only according to established norms. Her strengths are strategy, determination and logical thinking and she is passionate about the subject of leadership and the belief in natural leadership. Every new day at work means a new fantastic opportunity, to create more healthy sustainable companies, where leadership is important and where people are at the center. Since 2012, she has worked as a senior consultant, trainer and lecturer in various industries within corporate culture, business acumen and organization and leadership. Before that, she has 15 years of experience from the IT sector and 10 years of experience from international complex environments.
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Tina Mellgren
Senior consultant in work environment

Joy is Tina's obvious ingredient for success and motivation, and she wants to mix it into her passions, which are writing and putting productive work environment work in place in businesses. These passions work together perfectly for Tina as her structural and innovative side produces countless variations of written routines, policies, manuals and handbooks, both in Swedish and English. Through her good eye for coordination and order, Tina can easily see the system and catch the common thread in various projects, as well as the system support for work environment. To top it all off, Tina has for several years been responsible for the evaluation of social issues at suppliers outside the EU. Another major interest of Tina is personal development and she has trained in CBT, ACT, NLP and lifestyle counseling. A large part of her heart is in this area and she lectures on stress, conflict management, abusive discrimination and the importance of conscious leadership. Everything to increase understanding and thereby make lasting positive changes. Tina works in the work environment for small, medium and large companies and she trains individual leadership within NLC. She is a very competent writer and fixes both one and the other for NLC customers in both Swedish and English. As an NLC employee, she contributes with joy, speed, enthusiasm, drive and a ?nothing is impossible? breathe!

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Are you passionate about working with challenging, inspiring and developing assignments within sustainable business? NLC works with culture and structure, business acumen and business and organizational development including leadership, team and employee development. Welcome to contact us!
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