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About NLC

NLC works with culture and structure, business acumen and company and organizational development including leadership, team and employee development, for large and SME companies.

With sensitivity, we start from the company's needs and build tailored and adapted programs that lead the company towards the desired goal and future. With passion, we focus on the whole and also strengthen the heart of the company ? the human. A prosperous company is a sustainable company!

Creating added value in companies and organizations is something that the founder, Therese Johansson, has always seen as a matter of course. The vision was already formed in 2008 based on four values ? Knowledge, competence, love and quality and in 2012 the company and concept, Nordic Leadership Centre, was launched.

Nordic Leadership Center is a value-driven company where we strive to create a corporate climate where our values permeate the entire operation and in everything we do.

Our instruments of control? repetition, reminder and training - used effectively and likewise in our customer assignments at companies and organizations. We thereby guarantee that theories are translated into reality  and that is when we achieve prosperity and profitability.

We see the customer company as an ?individual? which we have the honor to take care of for a time. By working with all parts of the company, we create a culture of accountability, where all employees do what is best for the company, every day.

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