Release the dysfunctional

by Therese Johansson

Do you dare to release the dysfunctional to make it functional? I've always had a secret passion for making what doesn't work work. I see development as a puzzle that needs to be put together and I'm not satisfied until I've found the right puzzle piece for the right place. This quality is what gave me the privilege to experience a developing career in an international atmosphere, which meant having the honor of working with highly competent leaders and colleagues in a dynamic environment.

Tough experience

I have also held positions in companies where I was unable to influence the dysfunctional and thus I have my own experience of how it affected my motivation, creativity, well-being, efficiency and productivity. That experience was extremely tough, but good because it enriches me as a person, leader and consultant. When I do my current situation analysis of companies, I always look at the whole, the company, the business, leaders, the team and the individuals.

Many people ask the question - why the whole?

If we use the human body as a metaphor where the body illustrates the company, the heart illustrates the business, the brain illustrates management, the legs illustrate the team and the other organs are representatives of the company's individuals. It is important for the body that our various parts function as optimally as possible and the same is true in a company. Everything is connected and when we make changes or improvements, it is of great importance to look at the whole, one action affects another. Another aspect that is important is to identify which "organ" is most in need of "service" in the present and which affects the "body" most as a whole.

Nothing but a memory

An important cog in the pursuit of functionality is to develop a leadership culture in the company where political games, ego and self-focus and prestige are a thing of the past. Focus on developing leadership that is courageous, self-aware and competent, where leaders focus on teams, business development and create an atmosphere of non-prestige. If you work with the TEAM instead of the SELF, I am convinced that the success of the company will be greater. I usually say that multiple brains working together are unbeatable compared to a single brain. This is something that is very important in the leadership role, always understand the strength of using your whole team and taking input from the whole team into the decision-making process, partly to get different perspectives and partly to create participation. What I mean is that the leader ensures that the whole team and its well-being individuals are included in the journey towards the goal.

Constant maintenance

The goal should always be that we strive for a functional organization including its leaders, teams and individuals. In this way, we create positive synergies in the company. I stick my chin out and say that it affects the company's balance sheet and income statement, employees and customer satisfaction in an attractive way. It takes a long time to build a high-functionality corporate culture, and it requires constant maintenance to preserve it.