The whip of duty kills the soul's song

by Therése Johansson

There is a sequence in The Jungle Book with three vultures where one says ?-What are we going to do??,  and another vulture answers -do not know.  Jag älskar den sekvensen för jag stöter på den lite överallt både i vardagen såväl som i yrkeslivet.  

Today I myself realized that I had fallen into that kind of apathy, without being aware of it. For some time I have had a lack of creative joy, drive, motivation and commitment. I've mostly driven on, with the whip of duty whipping over my back, with the thought that everything can't be as fun and exciting as before. With age comes experience and the undiscovered world shrinks. This is what our brain invents in each case as it loves the wonderful world of the safety zone. When we are young, we look with excitement at the gigantic world we live in and with a large dose of adventure. Slowly we are then urged into the world of duty such as college, partner, children, house and a big pile of bills and the feeling of mental imprisonment slowly creeps in?.  

My husband and I have been wandering around in the land of troubleshooting and this morning it pinged into the mess of life's puzzle. The insight I got was that pliktens piska dödar själens sång.  

The rebel against the brain

A big rebel lives in me, that rebel has gone through a lot of trouble in both private and professional life. The rebel is my soul which is a ?free spirit?, it refuses to be owned. As an adversary, my rebel has – to both my disadvantage and advantage – my brain, which is terrified of disobeying as it is driven by reward and survival. My job is to bring these two inherent means of control together and it is not the easiest, you should know, as I am not an easy resource to lead. When I became my own business owner, I beautifully took over the baton of leadership from my former leaders over myself. The journey towards the concept?NLC humanship & leadership? started!  

For a successful advance, I need both the rebel and the brain. Unfortunately, my brain is busy trash (as well as goods) stored as various voices from my past; parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, classmates, companies, managers, colleagues (experiences), etc. These voices doesn't always play well with the song of the soul that actually shows the way to ? MY life journey. I own my life's journey and it is not always popular with those around me when I follow MY path, which can create fear in my brain, which is governed by reward and survival. In order not to be controlled by the brain, I need to take courage and my own leadership. It's like a computer with unnecessary software and good software? is it about clearing the system? mental training.

The power of situations

On the path of life, situations arise that I don't like and don't need, they can be more or less easy to eliminate from my life. Examples of situations that I wish to keep are my wonderful husband and our wonderful animals and our company. What my insight told me this morning was that one of the stored junk in my brain is ? duty. When the sense of duty eats up my pleasure, the song of my soul dies, which is the engine of my creative joy, my drive, my motivation and my commitment. The sense of duty then becomes the greatest enemy against what I love most. 

When the mind's junk finds that there are no alternatives, apathy soon knocks on the door and the vultures of The Jungle Book come to mind. ?What are we going to do, don't know?

Lucky for me, my husband loves the rebel in me, which means that I am quickly reminded that I am out of balance between my two means of control.  

We as humans have a portion of energy to expend and when the sense of duty eats up all our time and all our energy then there is no room for the song of the soul. That is, when it becomes my duty to ride and take care of our horse then the desire disappears, when it becomes my duty to manage our company then the desire disappears, when it becomes my duty to take care of our marriage or home then the desire disappears. What I mean by the power of the situation is that when my brain figures out that it is my duty to take care of our horse, business, and home and I don't do it out of desire, then the situation owns me. Because I desire and want all these things in our life, I need to make the necessary priorities and adjustments in my life puzzle so that I find the desire to take care of what I love most in my life.   

Nordic Leadership Centre ?Humanship & Leadership, Therése Johansson 

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