Leadership requires constant training

by Therese Johansson

What is leadership? It is management and leadership. Leadership deals with the slightly harder structures, organization and operations. Leadership can be both formal and informal, it's about someone wanting to follow you, as a trustworthy person. Basically everyone is a leader.

The most important characteristic of a leader is to create great trust and a high trust capital. How do you manage to do that? The best thing is to be yourself and to be genuine. But it requires self-awareness and courage. It can be compared a bit to a sport, you have to train all the time to be good. It's not about how good a leader is, it's about how good the leader will be.

But how do you avoid falling back into the same rut? You have to train all the time and translate theory into practice. Then it's about anchoring new processes so that they stick in the company's everyday life.