Decent leadership…

by Therese Johansson

I recall when I was traveling and visiting various offices in Europe that the employees were often disturbed when senior managers sailed into the offices without looking left or right. When I confronted these managers (definitely not all but a few managers) with the question of where their decency had gone, they looked like question marks. They had no idea that a simple "hello" had such an impact on the employees. I found this a little strange, because according to me it is part of "good" custom to look at people and greet them politely.

Order or request

Could it be that a certain category of managers seem to lose "good" upbringing and think they can hide it behind their title? There is a lot of discussion about creating a good atmosphere in the office and how it affects our psychological work environment. How is the human capital affected when their managers sail through the office with their nose in the air. When this category of managers command instead of ask, ignore instead of appreciate. Changes and informs instead of communicating and creating participation. With this behavior, you achieve a high level of motivation and drive to achieve top-level performance. Does it give that little extra so that the employees deliver a little more than expected?

The authoritarian boss

Isn't the time for us to realize that man is not a consumable; when a person is worn out, we throw in a new one... I think we should learn from our highly trained machine technicians regarding the care of resources. These highly trained technicians service, polish, clean and ensure that it is not driven more than the specifications recommend, so that the machinery will last a long time with a high capacity. If we now toy with the idea of transferring this approach to our human capital, does it work with the old-fashioned authoritarian leadership? Does it create a sustainable, productive workforce? The year is 2016 and I still hear examples of the authoritarian boss being appointed and talking about where the cupboard should be. How would it be if we served our staff with good tone, courtesy, decency, consideration and gratitude with the same degree of knowledge of the subject as the technician has for his machine. Would it be profitable?

If you need to say that YOU are the boss, then you are not the leader

A confident leader does not need to assert himself. That leader is a leader in his actions as well as in his person. This is a leader you want to follow and deliver that little extra to. It is important to be a leader who gives room to create trust and confidence in order to have openness in your organization. That we work to create good behavior where we behave decently towards ourselves as well as towards our colleagues. It will generate a high work ethic and a good workplace.