Deprived of self-confidence!

by Therese Johansson

I'm terrified of trust! I exclaimed to my dearest! 
The thoughts then whirled at the speed of a merry-go-round and memory fragments were thrown about. Suddenly all the fragments landed in a perfect puzzle and I became clairvoyant. I had been robbed of my self-esteem by people who thought they had a better grasp of mine 
driving license than I had myself. 

The consequence of having shown trust in these people was that it did not always end well for me, which created a fear of trust in myself. You should know then that I have been very rebellious and have fought tooth and nail for my rights regarding my driving license. This by leaving relevant persons or employments, etc., when a lack of sensitivity and respect has not been found. 

The path to natural leadership 

The secret path to natural leadership is through your own personal development. As I mentioned before, I had to learn it myself through the stupidity of choosing the hard way, straight through the "Berlin Wall".  

I myself have worked on my personal development throughout my adult life, in various forms. Since I had my "date" with the well-known wall, with the motto that "these" the pillbox as a way back, I have created personal development as part of my everyday life. It developed into one of NLC's most popular programs, "Individual Leadership 1.0 and 2.0".  

In short, the IL program is about training to become aware, as well as getting to know and control your balanced brain. Then dare to make friends with your gut / intuition or as I call it, find your self-confidence.   

In my last few years, my focus in personal development has been to practice living only according to self-confidence (gut feeling / intuition). It's an exciting and sometimes terrifying journey, like the Indiana Jones movies. The big secret is that when I live and follow self-confidence, regardless of the consequences, I feel good, unlike when I choose not to follow it, because then neither my mind nor my body are in harmony. 

When I am in my natural self, everyone around me is in harmony, then life lands in "flow". A good tip is to look at your pets or your children, if you are in harmony then they are in harmony and if you are out of balance then they are out of balance. The same with the employees when you as a leader are in harmony versus imbalance.  

Natural leadership leads to a prosperous organization 

The harmony created by natural leadership is the way to a prosperous and sustainable organization, because it creates trust and security that generates "flow". A prosperous organization is a productive organization that generates a higher figure on the bottom line, therefore it is of value to develop the company's leadership to find the natural leadership. 

In NLC we talk about training, repetition and reminder within all of the programs that NLC delivers. This is because we believe that many live in a delusion that we should all be perfect. I believe that precisely this perfectionist attitude creates a culture of dictatorship and not a culture of democracy. This means that our brains are frightened by being negatively corrected, in contrast to the world of sports where we work with the reward system, through training, repetition and reminders to reach the development goals with a positive spirit.  

Democracy is something that we Swedes are so proud to say we live by. However, it is when we really have the courage to let ourselves and others be in their confidence that we create dynamism in the world we live in. 

Dynamic companies keep stagnation at bay.