Isak is a person with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about everything related to IT and technology. He is quick-thinking and goal-focused when it comes to taking on new projects and assignments, his enthusiasm is contagious.

In the NLC gang, he contributes to team spirit as he often starts by observing and analyzing the situation to create a structure that can help deliver the desired results both internally in NLC as well as to NLC's customers. His energetic and committed attitude makes him an excellent team player who always strives to do his best according to the conditions presented.

While he finishes his studies, he works with NLC and NLC's customers with innovative solutions for apps, websites, first line support, sharepoint and folder structures - yes, quite frankly, most things in IT service, this with creativity and speed.

His friendly personality makes him a valued consultant where he flows smoothly into most situations. Together we find faster and better solutions than being alone. This is one of Isak's biggest mottos when he delivers.

Contact details
+46 73 040 47 98