Daniel Johansson

CEO and senior consultant at NLC

Daniel has broad experience from various leadership positions in the construction sector and has run units at large companies as well as been CEO of medium-sized growth companies. His strategy, when taking on an assignment, is to focus on the business, the culture and the organization including its resources. He believes that the focus on CSR – Economy, Environment and Social responsibility are the company's three pillars of sustainability must be developed gradually and in balance to achieve true sustainability and profitability.

Daniel has an old-fashioned and honest business acumen. He believes that ethics and morality are the key to a sustainable business that generates good and long-term collaborations. He always strives for both the company and its customers to leave the business as winners, this in order to create a repeat customer and good reference cases. He specializes in winning the deal, setting up an effective project structure and a motivated project team that delivers the project according to his directives within budget, schedule, safety and sustainability guidelines, also with high quality.

He always talks about the importance of a winning team that is committed and motivated to achieve world champion class within the company's framework through increased understanding and the drive for continuous training.

Through his 25-year career as a business developer, Daniel Johansson has proven his ability to create business and develop sustainable organizations that deliver business with quality and profitability. His positive attitude, humility and holistic thinking have made him a sought-after leader in the construction industry and he continues to inspire others to strive for true sustainability, profitability and success in the business world.

Contact details

+46 73-312 39 70