Program for productive work environment work


(For small, medium-sized companies)

It's really important to focus on improving the work environment in your company because it affects the profitability, sustainability, safety, and well-being of all the employees, including managers and leaders.

Here at NLC, we often say that the work environment is like the wind in a company - it affects and blows through the different parts of the company with its vision, strategy, and tactics. What we mean is that we need to review and improve all aspects of the company, including its leaders, teams, and employees, in order to establish effective workplace practices in practice.

The work environment is a popular topic, but what does it take to make it work in reality? At NLC, we tailor workplace development programs to each company's unique needs and circumstances. We want companies to achieve their desired results, with positive effects on both hard and soft values, which leads to profitability.

Remember that companies are legally obligated to conduct systematic workplace safety and health work. We can help you realize that there is significant profitability to be gained, and we can have fun along the way!

Target group
SME-companies who want to focus on creating management, systematics, and development of workplace safety and health work in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction and become a more attractive employer that stands out in their industry. This leads to increased profitability.

We base our approach on the company's unique needs and circumstances, with the goal of creating a systematic and structured workplace safety and health work that can handle changes easily and meet legal requirements.

We begin our collaboration with a GAP analysis where we jointly determine the direction. NLC's efforts can involve strategic workplace safety and health work, which will be implemented over time, as well as management efforts in the field. NLC has the expertise to handle difficult situations where unwanted incidents have occurred, which need to be investigated by workplace safety and health experts. NLC can also help if the Labor Inspectorate has set its sights on your company to bring it back to the desired level of "standard"

The development can be comprehensive for the entire company, as well as project-oriented to optimize different parts of the company. Coaching and mentoring are included through brief conversations when needed. We will accompany you throughout the journey if you wish!

The purpose
Creating a proactive workplace safety and health work that is driven with tailwind based on the company's unique needs and circumstances.

  • An identified current situation, desired state, and development plan for progress.
  • Transitioning from a purely reactive approach to occupational health and safety, to a proactive approach that generates a sustainable and efficient organization.
  • Maintain a good brand reputation through satisfied customers who are met with good employee behavior.
  • A systematic and structured work environment throughout the company, which through trustful leadership increases the profitability and results of the company.
  • Ensuring the well-being of the company's resource pool and a functioning interaction between all the "players" or employees in the company.
  • An occupational health and safety program that focuses on organizational and social factors while meeting legal requirements for workplace safety.
  • Makes sure that all parts of the company are aligned and working together towards a common goal, creating enthusiasm, happiness and motivation among all employees. From the owner's vision to the execution of the tactical plans that are written and agreed upon with the company's employees.

People are the heart of companies, they are the ones who will bring the company from vision to action - in a safe, sustainable, and well-being approach!

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers have mentioned when contacting us with an interest in occupational health and safety for small/medium businesses:

"I, as a leader, have many roles to fulfill, the occupational health and safety area feels like a jungle, I don't know where to start, my organization is not functioning well, there are many conflicts, I have a high turnover of staff, we are leaking money in our organization which means we have to add more resources, our leaders complain a lot about our employees, the company's goals are not clear to the employees, we have high sick leave, employees feel vulnerable at work, our customers do not feel well treated by our staff, we have to add more resources than estimated, as a leader, I don't know how to handle difficult situations such as both men and women feeling sexually harassed at work, there is chaos in the staff, we lack control and common goals in our company, how do we work with safe execution, how do we handle substance abuse, it feels charged to bring up... We are starting a new project and want to do it right from the beginning!"

Every program is tailored and customized to the needs of each company, including their own resources. The programs are time-adjusted according to the companies' preferences, which determine the schedule.

The duration of the programs is determined based on the company's preferences, which also determine the price.

Your next step
Feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting or conversation!

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