Cultural work that creates profitability


A clear culture and well-documented values ​​are a prerequisite for good business practices and an organization that delivers what it has promised.

NLC believes that culture is the soul of the company, and it can only be preserved with courageous leadership that follows the company's framework and culture by leading the way. This requires continuous training, repetition, and reminders to preserve a culture.

Culture refers to socially transmitted patterns of behavior, beliefs, values, attitudes, and social learning among a group of individuals.

Target group
SME companies that want to focus on their next development stage by clarifying and documenting their culture and values. This also applies to companies that want to ensure that their existing culture is maintained even during development, and that the culture work is kept alive with employees who live and breathe the company's culture.

We start with a GAP analysis where we define the company's current culture and values work and level, as well as identifying the company's goals. In three modules, we support and provide tools for the company to drive profitable cultural work.

Module 1
Prerequisites: Core values and culture are missing.

Actions: Through traditional project work, we create, in collaboration with the client, a secure and documented value foundation and culture for the company. NLC demonstrates what the lack of effective cultural work costs and how continuous cultural work can increase profitability.

Module 2
Prerequisites: Core values and culture exist but are not fully adhered to.

Actions: Theoretical knowledge is trained so that it is put into practice through competency activities. A plan for continuous improvement is established to ensure results are achieved.

Module 3
Prerequisites: Module 1 and 2 have been implemented but the work has stagnated and the organization needs an injection of engagement.

Actions: Identification of existing activities that are reviewed and either kept, removed, or supplemented with new ones. Raw data and outcomes from employee surveys on working environment and customer satisfaction are analyzed and form the basis for a new activity plan.

Module 4

In several markets, there is collaboration between companies. A major challenge that NLC has identified is that ordering companies are unable to get delivering companies to adhere to the culture and values, which affects customer satisfaction, profitability, working environment, etc.

Prerequisites: Two companies working together need to understand and respect each other's cultures and values. Both companies have a clear awareness of their culture and values.

Actions: Initial GAP analysis will serve as the basis for traditional project work aimed at visualizing and implementing identified activities that lead to understanding and respect for the differences between the companies. The result should be a better interaction and cooperation between the parties, where the culture and values of the ordering company are followed by the delivering company.

The purpose
Creating a continuous and profitable culture work by:

  • Provide the conditions for good business conduct where the customer feels secure that we deliver what we promised.
  • The organization delivers with joy where employee and leadership performance aligns with the agreed-upon culture.

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers have mentioned when they have contacted us with an interest in "Culture work that creates profitability":

We have difficulty getting everyone to work towards the same goal.

We have had trouble recruiting the right employees.

Our customers are not satisfied with our work.

We waste a lot of time on discussions that don't lead anywhere in our management teams.

Our work environment receives criticism in employee surveys.

Newly recruited managers create chaos within existing teams.

Agreed with customer in accordance with order.

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