Extended DISC analysis


As you develop your self-awareness, lovingly increase understanding and acceptance of how people are different, you learn to define and meet the styles of others. Then you have every opportunity to improve the organization's communication, your teamwork and productivity and thereby also your company's profitability!

With the help of the analysis, we can measure how you are motivated and feel when you interact with others and, based on the results, work on implementing it in your everyday life and based on your profession.

NLC sees the Extended DISC tool as just one tool.
Just as the carpenter uses his hammer in his daily work, employees, teams, leaders use Extended DISC as a communication tool. Extended DISC is very popular as a development method for management teams and is used in all NLC's leadership programs as well as in employee and team development. The tool is also used in improvement and development work for the organization and the company, for example in cultural development work. Extended DISC is an excellent tool for resources working with customers. This is to optimize the meeting between different types of people, as Extended DISC is an excellent sales tool.

Target group
You as an employee, team, leader, company manager in small and large companies and organizations.

Extended DISC is based on William Moulton Marston's model and is a proven and accurate current situation analysis that describes both the individual's basic behavior and adapted behavior.
Extended DISC does not prevent people from developing in any area, but analyzes and describes the person's different reactions in different situations and environments. This gives the person an opportunity to better understand their own behavior but also that of others. The analysis is a guide in developing the person's behavior to better avoid unnecessary situations and conflicts. Extended DISC also gives the individual the opportunity to see which environments and situations give the most energy to the business.

The purpose
The DISC analysis is the tool that provides knowledge and the opportunity for development through reports that describe both strengths and development potential.
You will see clear opportunities to improve communication, your teamwork and productivity to achieve a higher degree of profitability! The purpose is achieved through, among other things;

Individual, increased self-awareness
• How I react and why
• How I am perceived by others
• What is important to me
• What motivates me

Work teams, accept and use each other's differences
• Trust and respect
• Roles
• Relationships and Participation
• Creative teamwork
• The right skills in the right place

Activity, create motivation
• Use the CORRECT communication style for customers or other operations
• Identify motivation points for the customer and for other operations
• Create understanding for the customer and other operations in the company
• Communicate so that the customer or other business is comfortable
• Aim to achieve success with your communication

Do you recognize yourself?
This is what our customers mentioned when they contacted us with an interest in Extended DISC:
"I need to make my sales people feel good and create more business, my managers and employees need individual development, I feel unmotivated and want to speed up my career, I want to become a better leader for my employees, develop my team, improve teamwork in my project team, create a good working environment and avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, a more close-knit group, handle difficulties better, get better at expressing myself. I want to get my team to use their different strengths and complement each other instead of getting annoyed with each other, I'm going to make a change in my organization and want to prepare how the team will keep up with the boat…"

According to agreement with customer.

Examples of layouts:
GAP analysis together with the client 1/2 day
Workshop/lecture 1 day
Anchoring per participant 1 hour / participant
Follow-up of implementation plan during the year approx. 1/2 day

Offer based

Your next step
Feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting or conversation!

Therese is licensed user of the Extended DISC tool.

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