Anders Jonsson

Anders is a versatile and experienced resource who can take your business to the next level. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and broad competence in finance, sales, marketing & personnel, he can help you find quality-assured and innovative overall solutions to drive your company's work environment work forward-looking. 

With a close relationship to nature and great social skills, he can also promote cooperation in teams and organizations, which in turn promotes development work.

Anders has experience from manager and leadership positions which makes him unique in his role as work environment consultant where he includes the financial aspect in his coordination within work environment. He is specialized in work environment, environment and quality assurance and has experience in coordination with authorities if necessary.

He is also an analytical person who is passionate about the use of systems and data for the good of the business and companies. He has used this ability in the construction of a digital OSA (Organizational & Social Work Environment) platform as well as the implementation of business systems with, for example, Microsoft Dynamics AX, the tool Excel is his playground.

For Anders, it is important to have continuous training to find ways forward in companies and their organizations by increasing the individual's understanding.

As a father of four sons, he has drawn inspiration from their sports and believes that practice makes perfect. If you want a genuine sustainable business that generates profitability and success, Anders is the resource you need.

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