Corporate structure complements entrepreneurship


This program is suitable for well-established companies who want to focus on remaining competitive in the market or need new energy, as well as for newly established companies who want to establish themselves.
NLC wants to motivate and create added value for the business operations, processes, and resources of companies. We have solid experience, expertise, and the ability to meet the development that companies face or their desires for the future.

Target group
Established companies as well as young companies that want to establish themselves.

We start by understanding the unique conditions of the company, with the goal of finding developmental solutions and new perspectives. We begin our collaboration with a GAP analysis, where we jointly determine the direction.
We can work on developing the whole company or focus on specific projects to improve different parts of the company. We also offer coaching and mentorship through short conversations as needed.

The purpose
Creating development, well-being, sustainability, and increased growth by

  • To identify the need for support, assistance, and/or development (GAP Analysis)
  • Identify the goal of the development.
  • Motivate and create added value for the company's business operations - its processes and resources.
  • Based on the needs of the company, we work through the company's vision, strategy, and tactics to drive the company towards the desired goal.
  • We place a great emphasis on ensuring that the operational plan is supported by the financial plan.

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers have mentioned when they have contacted us with an interest in "Business development for entrepreneurs":
We want to grow, lack structure, need help identifying goals, lack of management and leadership skills, increase business, expand, create sustainable growth, build a company/business, bring new energy to the business, find well-being...

Agreed with customer in accordance with order.

Offer based

The program is also available as a lecture and workshop, where the structure serves as a stepping stone to the program.

Your next step
Feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting or conversation!

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