Digital sales and marketing


NLC has developed a unique program to connect digital marketing with the company's values and culture. With the goal of training the company to be able to continuously update and adjust its digital message in a way that brings new business instead of single clicks and likes on social media.

Target group
Established companies as well as young companies that want to establish themselves.

We start from the company's value base and culture, where we jointly determine goals and direction for the profitable digital sales.

Module 1
Prerequisites: Values and culture are missing. Presence in social media does not exist or is unstructured.

Work: After the values and culture have been identified, a structure and plan is created for how digital marketing and the company's values can go hand in hand.

Module 2
Prerequisites: Values and culture exist and some marketing is underway but does not produce any real results.

Work: The digital marketing is adapted to the company's market and target group and the process for customer contact is created. Focus on creating a profitable process that gives direct results in sales.

Module 3
Prerequisites: The digital marketing program is implemented.

Work: Now the company is trained to work with continuous improvements and NLC ensures that the work can be carried out long-term and sustainably by the company. Profitability is ensured and follow-up of results is implemented as a natural part of the working method.

The purpose
Creating development, well-being, sustainability, and increased growth by

  • Identify the goal of the development.
  • Motivate and create added value for the company's business operations - its processes and resources.
  • Based on the needs of the company, we work through the company's vision, strategy, and tactics to drive the company towards the desired goal.

Do you recognize yourselves?
This is what our customers mentioned when they contacted us with an interest in "Sales and Marketing":

We have such high marketing costs, but are not seeing the desired results.

We have no technical skills, so we don't know how to do social marketing.

I'm an entrepreneur, I hate technology.

I don't understand what you mean by measurable results on marketing efforts.

We've never gotten business through digital marketing, especially not through social media, and we always feel like we're lagging behind in how to present the company online.

We are a small company, so we cannot afford marketing.

Agreed with customer in accordance with order.

Offer based

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