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Work environment Interim

"We have had a lot of help from Tina structuring our material, making sure that there is a common thread and that it complies with legal requirements as well as the recommendations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority."
// Riverty – People & Culture Lead

Leadership development

"I recommend NLC if you "really" want to create development and change, this is a "real training" that gives more than a few cool new leadership words and if it is of genuine interest, I highly recommend NLC and their development program."
// Regional Director Atracco Group AB"

Customized lectures / WS

"We hired NLC because we are a group of accounting firms that gather every year at a training conference. A total of 85 accounting consultants. Our request to Therese and NLC was that she would "wake up" us as an advisor. Which we became..."
// Partner Ekonomibyrån Axet

Individual Leadership Program

"The layout of the program was incredibly professional, clear, goal-oriented and at the same time warm and understanding, and Therese combines these qualities in a safe way. One of Therese's great qualities is that she "sees right through you" and that she uses it to must develop as a person and leader."
// Sales manager NTM

Leadership development

"I want her as a coach, because she will say what she sees in me, she will dare to be uncomfortable and she will help me to continue developing and moving - and that's how it happened:)."
// District manager SKANSKA

Business Development for Entrepreneurs

"The tools and a pair of objective eyes can be helpful to get out of the squirrel's wheel and start thinking "outside the box" again, something that you have to do as your own entrepreneur."
// Owner Jegermalms Mark & Gräv AB


NLC delivers services in these three modules

Book an inspiring meeting!

Book an inspiring meeting! The meeting is without any obligations and the aiming is getting to know each other. With a free and simplified analysis, of your running business in a specific area, we identify your possible needs in the areas of company & culture, business management & organization


NLC's path to new customers and collaborations...

NLCs motivation is to increase our customers skills portfolio and that they with a clear understanding develops their business to set goals!

Do you want to improve the working environment, increase profit and profitability?
By looking at the whole and focusing on increased efficiency, on income as well as the cost portfolio, added value is created in the companies. This without renouncing the human factor!

We want to support you and your company! Read more about our services and references or contact us!

A selection of NLC customers

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NLC Collaborates with

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